Feel the Heat: The Women’s Swimwear Trends That Will Dominate Summer 2018

Summer is coming, and during this season, there are many best things such as basking in the sun and enjoying a good dip in beach waters. If you are bracing for the season, you should also prepare yourself for the beach fashion trends that will surely be the hot thing this summer.

Ditch that old swimwear that you always wear when you go on swimming. For you to show off that sexy curves of yours while you enjoy the heat, here are the latest women’s swimwear that you should wear to add up to the hotness of the season.

Extra Sexy One-Piece Swimsuits

If you are the type of person who frequents the beach every summer, perhaps you know that one-piece swimsuits do not go into favor with some modern women. But perceptions of a sexy swimwear took a turn nowadays, probably due to the craze about the Baywatch-inspired and T-Rivera swimwear.

You can find that many of the one-piece swimwear nowadays is done with mastery. Take for instance the wonderful cutouts and the sexy neckline plunge designs, and there is no doubt that you will change your perception of one-piece swimwear.

Shiny, Shimmering Swimwear

Any swimwear that reflects light can either be an excellent fashion feat or a striking failure. But cast away your fear now of any beach style blunder while wearing a shiny swimwear, thanks to the creativity and stylish ingenuity of designers that we have today!

You can go clad yourself in high-waist swimsuit with cleverly placed shining gold and silver streaks on the triangle bikini top. Or you can take a look at the designs by Rocky Gathercole that turns the shimmering swimsuits into something sexy and seductive.

Mismatched Bikinis

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to how you don your bikini. You can be creative about it as long as it does not ruin your overall beach style. For instance, you can mismatch your bikini set to achieve a unique style for yourself while you relish in the summer heat.

For you to mismatch your bikini set, you should make sure that you pair the pieces of different patterns and colors perfectly. You can choose to mismatch swimwear with captivating prints and earthy color pieces. Or, you can match a polka-dot bottom and an off-shoulder top to create a lively aura for yourself. If you want to make your waist look small then you can try some best waist trimmer belts on amazon.

Striped Bathing Suits

If there is any classic pattern for a swimsuit, it must be the stripes. That is why you should not disregard stripes, especially this coming summer because stripes will be one of the trends this hot season.

Stripes are perfect for both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits. These stripe patterns can either cover the whole of the swimwear or creatively placed to make an alluring style.

Nowadays, you can find a high-waisted two-piece swimwear with a striped top as well as stripes that outline a strapless upper piece.

Vivacious Prints and Patterns

If you want to make a statement on your swimwear, you can well do it with clever and lively prints and patterns. Yes, printed wordplay is not only best for your tees, but also for your one-piece, two-piece, and cover-up swimwear.

There are also funny graphics that you can choose from among the amusing prints and patterns that will surely make your summer vacation fun.

High-Cut Swimsuits

High-cut swimwears are backed into the limelight, but this time with styles and designs that can suit every body type. A favorite piece way back in the 1990s, this style of swimwear is also ideal to wear this summer.

You can find several of this swimwear in light colors. There is also a variety that comes with a strappy bottom. Aside from the high-cut two-pieces, you can also try a high-cut one-piece swimwear that comes in jolly colors.

Swimsuits with Tassels

The trendy swimwear for summer 2017 makes its way into summer 2018: swimsuits that come with tassels. This style of swimwear varies in the size and type of the tassels, but there is no denying that the designers of tasseled swimwear are brimming with creativity.

You can look at the designs made by Ellie Madi, for instance, which were one of the top attractions at the Miami Swim Week. His designs of a one-piece swimwear come with adornment and feathery tassels that are perfect to make a runway of the white sandy beaches of your summer destination.

Swimwear Tied Strings at the Front

You can include front-tied swimsuits in the string category, and they are ideal to wear this coming summer season. There is a variety that has a ruffled top with tied strings at the front. The tops that come in lace and straps, on the other hand, are one of the most alluring designs among front-tied swimwear.

Aside from the designs mentioned above, front-tied bikinis also provide you a cool and sexy aura when you go for printed pieces. You can go for a bright-colored one with an appealing cutout and a print statement.

Athletic Swimwear

There is a myriad of options that you can choose for an athletic swimwear. Many of the options include different designs of surfer-inspired pieces and sporty bralettes. However, you can also find pieces that are not wholly intended for activewear but looks like it, such as the cold-shoulder top variety.

You can as well choose options that come with zippers that you can clad yourself in while you are going for a dip in the crystal clear waters.

Swimsuits with Belts or Suspenders

Someone would perhaps wonder, “why you need a belt and suspender for a swimsuit?” Well, the answer is that you need it for the sake of fashion. Fashionable swimwear such as swimsuits with belts and suspenders is fun to wear while you are on the beach. Also, the style that these types of swimwear give do not discriminate between different sizes.


Summer is one of the most enjoyable seasons of the year. There are many things that you can do during this season such as sunbathing and swimming. That is why you need to prepare yourself for it, especially when it comes to your swimwear. You can look for stylish swimwear that can pull off the beach style that you want in sites like Deal Wiki.