Prom to the Next Level: Using the Trends of Spring-Summer 2018

Almost all junior and senior high school students look forward to this night. It’s the night when shy caterpillars suddenly become social butterflies. They spread their wings and spend the night enjoying their youth. They hang out with their friends and muster of the courage to speak to their crush.

It’s the night when girls become ladies. They dress up and wear elaborate and custom-made gowns. Boys become gentlemen. Ther rent a tux, brush up their hair and offer their arm to their partners. They take their time to find the best corsage for their ladies.

Most people think prom is only for the ladies since they spend more time and exert more effort to prepare themselves. In reality, prom is for everyone. It’s for the students, their parents and their teachers. It allows parents to look back on their youth while glancing how their children have grown. Meanwhile, the teachers get some time off the classroom and their lectures.

Prom Outfit for Guys

Though prom is an exciting event, it is also nerve-wracking as hell, especially for boys. They don’t have a manual to follow. There are no prom tux catalog or cheap formal suits for guys. It’s also a challenge to incorporate fashion sense into a prom outfit for two reasons:

  1. It will clash with your date’s outfit.
  2. It will be out of the scope of the theme.

Nevertheless, guys can still go for the style they want. Trends from spring – summer collection of 2018 includes a lot of wearable styles like for prom night. Below are some ideas to incorporate into a formal outfit besides wholesale bob marley.

1. Rainbow Suits

Business doesn’t have to mean black, gray, and white. There’s a wide range of color to use for your formal attire.

Head-to-toe Monochrome

The suit must be coordinated and tailored-fit. Choose a hue close to the suit’s shade for the shirt and shoes. The shirt with a shade or two lighter works well with dark toned shoes.

Dancing Shoes

The best prom attire is the that makes you feel comfortable. A soft T-shirt and sneakers are convenient options for dancing the night away. White trainers and v-neck is always the way to go.

Playful Vibe

Want to cut the serious look? Inject some life to the solid ensemble by adding some prints. Paisley and plaid are some prints that aren’t heavy on the eyes. Plus the dad look circa 1980’s is making a comeback.

Stop and Go

A contrasting suit and shirt are fitting too. Thinking of wearing a pair of green metallic loafers? Wear them with a pastel-hued blazer and pants. A moss green suit with some low red socks is something to try.

2. Luxe Fabrics

Lightweight and expensive fabrics aren’t only for ballgowns, long trails, and fitting bodice. Organza, organic linen, lace, satin, and velvet are some textiles used for menswear. Some masculine pieces of clothing have detailed patterns and beadings.

A velvet cardigan will complement hard and durable fabrics used for trousers such as denim and linen. Suits made of velvet are also prom superstars. MAke sure the ensemble is jewel-toned – emerald for the bold and wine for seduction.

3. Relaxed Formal

Though it’s tradition to wear a tux, fashion leans towards comfort. Some events like black-tie invites evolved and has more room for freedom and laid-back attire (unless specified).

A fitted blazer with a pair of comfortable sans holes pair of jeans, dress shirt and well-polished black shoes is enough. Dad fashion is becoming a trend embraced by fashion enthusiasts. To make it work, the parts of your outfit must be in the same league – same size or cut.

4. Tropicana Dreams

If the nineties where all about baggy clothing, smoking pipes, and hip-hop, why not try the Millenial scene – nature and travel? Take inspiration from plants, tropical sceneries, and outdoor lifestyle. Don’t be shy to wear a Hawaiian shirt to prom.

The floral or tropical print is a refreshing sight among bland neutrals. A white or creamy suit is a sight to behold. Put on a shirt with huge flowers or long tropical leaves. A fire printed button-down also works but break it off with something cool. Surfboards and beach prints are good too. Stay away from Luau girls and shorts unless the theme states Tropical Party.

The trick to bagging a new fashion trend is picking the elements you want and blend them with your existing wardrobe. A prom is a one-time event, but considering the outfit you will wear on the day expand your daily wardrobe choices. Remember to coordinate your outfit with your date to avoid mismatches. No one wants to start on a wrong footing during a date.

Other Prom Details


The outfit isn’t the only detail to prepare for prom night. There are transportation and other date details to plot. Most couples pitch in to pay for a service car if they don’t have a vehicle to use. Others invite their friends to hire a limousine. They can arrive in style, but it can be expensive. Thus, they must talk it through and make agreements ahead of time.


Nowadays, there’s the pre- and post game to consider. The game is prom while the pre and post parts can be the couple’s date. Some couples have dinner before the event even if there’s food at prom. Others extend their time together by having the date after it. It’s essential to plan these details and inform your date ahead of time.


Besides the activities of the night, the thing that makes your prom is special is how you treat each other. It may be the 21st century and gone are the traditional ways of invitation and courting. Still, being polite and courteous never goes out of style. Being respectful of the date’s parents and vice versa doesn’t only give cookie points. It is also a chance for a second date.

Prom can be a winter or spring formal. It doesn’t matter on which date it falls as long as you ready to try velvet suit, metallic shoes or bright pair of socks. Pastel, jewel-toned or solid blazers and pants can be the building blocks of the outfit. Start with them to figure out the rest along the way.