Want to be a Prom Queen? A Stunning Shimmery Dress Could Bag You This Title!

“Hey mom! I have won the prom queen title!” – who doesn’t wants to convey this amazing news to their mommies. And, I’m pretty sure that you too would want to achieve the ‘Prom Queen’ title at your high school prom, which is going to be held next week, right? So, what are you going to wear on this “big day”? What? Haven’t you purchased a prom dress as yet? Well then, what are you waiting for? Start hopping from one mall to another and look for the perfect “prom-ready” dress.

If you feel that visiting too many malls or designer boutiques to pick the best prom dress is going to be hectic, then all you can do is purchase it from an online seller. Trust me, there are numerous sellers online who are popular for having a wide collection of prom dresses. So, just sit with your laptop, browse the internet, and find such a seller. But, before you zero on a seller, make sure you check a few things such as:

  • Reputation of the seller
  • Shipping and return policies
  • Mode of Payment, etc

Now, let’s come to the main part. The obvious question that must be arising in your mind is which kind of dress should you buy for the prom night, right? Well, that actually depends on you. However, if you still want me to give you a suggestion, then I would say opt for dresses that have a tinge of glitter to it, so that you can look and feel like a “glam doll”. Here are two kinds of glittery prom dresses to choose from. Take a look.

Sparkly Mermaid-Style Prom Dress

Do you have an hour-glass figure or a bod that turns too many heads? If yes, then how about donning a mermaid-style, sparkly prom dress? Trust me, a mermaid dress will not just help you flaunt your “oh-so-sexy” curves, but would also make you look nothing less than a Hollywood diva. So, immediately start looking for a glittery mermaid prom dress online. And, here is a few more suggestions:

  • Color: Since you’ll be attending your high-school prom, I would suggest go for a dress that is top to bottom embellished with silver, rose-gold or golden sequins.
  • Neckline: Go for the strapless sweetheart neckline.
  • Backline: When it comes to wearing a mermaid dress, I always prefer choosing the ones that are backless, because it adds up the “sultry quotient” of the overall look. Therefore, if you want to look extremely hot, go backless!

Scintillating A-Line Prom Dress

If you want to look nothing less than a princess, while stepping out of a limo or any other luxury car, then look for a gorgeous A-line long prom dress. However, don’t end up picking the one that is fully embellished because that’ll make the gown heavier and you’ll feel uncomfortable to dance or even walk. So instead, what you can do is choose the one that has sequins all over the bodice and the rest of gown (the flowy skirt part) should be made of net or other lighter material.

Here are a few more suggests that’ll help you pick a dazzling A-line prom dress:

  • Color: Do you really want to look like a princess? Well then, you can choose from any of these colors such as peach, pink, sea-green, mauve, amethyst or pure white. And yes, you can also opt for an ombre A-line dress because that’s totally in fashion!
  • Neckline: For me, the necklines that go really well with an A-like dress are the illusion or plunged neckline. Both these necklines are “too hot to handle”.
  • Backline: Now, when it comes to choosing a backline for an A-line flowy dress, you need to make sure that it goes well with the neckline you have chosen. For instance, illusion and plunged necklines both go well with the sheer backline made of tulle material or fine lace.
  • Add Volume: And yes, if you want to make the A-line dress look more like a ball gown, or to be precise if you want to add volume to your dress, attach layers of can-cans.

So, waste no more time. Pick any one of these two dresses and look “divalicious” on your prom night.

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