What Are the Benefits of Body to Body Massage?

After spending your time in the workplace in front of a computer or serving customers, your body gets exhausted. No better way to revitalize and relax your body than going for an affordable body to body massage, a type of massage that works by subjecting the body to several sensations. By using their naked bodies, the masseuses rub their body against yours using oils and lotions. This type of massage is associated with the following benefits.

– It Enhances the Awareness of Your Sexual Energies

This type of massage is different from others; it is sensual and erotic. A massage by another person using a naked body brings unforgettable experience. You do not only get sexually aroused but also feel very relaxed. Besides, the massage brings sensual possibilities, not known to many people and extends the love-making time, delivering a new experience never perceived in a brief organismic sex.

– It Boosts Mental Alertness

When in a bad mood, this massage is a good remedy. During this massage, important hormones like endorphins and oxytocin are produced. These hormones are critical in reducing not only stress but also pain. Accordingly, your mental alertness and the sharpness of your mind are enhanced. The massage, therefore, boosts your mood, increases your productivity, and improves your efficiency.

– It Enhances the Flow of Energy in Your Body

When a female does the body to body massage, she uses her body organs such as the breasts, thighs, and forearms among others to provide you with different sensations. Besides, she ensures that every part of your body is touched. The massage mainly works in your energy center and helps in the achievement of happiness by releasing the trapped energy to the body. Consequently, the flow of energy to the energy center is enhanced. Most of the massage therapists encourage this practice.

– Skin Benefits

After spending a whole day working, some of the skin cells die and lodge on the skin and hinder blood flow. The massage removes these cells, thereby improving the skin tone. In addition, the appearance of your skin and its overall health are enhanced by the uninterrupted blood flow to the surface. The massage oil used in this process also moisturizes your skin and reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

– It Relieves Tension

A body to body massage is an intimate and erotic massage. The seductive touch by the masseuse brings about immense pressure. By rubbing her naked body against yours, you feel relaxed. Hormones that help in relieving tension, such as serotonin and dopamine are produced and released. What follows is a feeling calm relaxation that takes all the pressure goes away. In addition, you feel relaxed as you are only left with a euphoric feeling. All your fears and worries vanish, and you can face new challenges.

Over the years, massage has proven to be an effective treatment for many medical conditions. If you feel so tired and weak, look for a place to get the body to body massage. Visit a massage therapist near you to uncover your sensual body needs.

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